Ebony Taylor

[ANTM]_Ebony01-0 [ANTM]_Ebony02

"The Girls Become Superheroes"--Ebony, Student; age 18 of Sylmar, Calif., "flies" from a wire during a photo shoot in AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL on UPN. Gallery Photo: Mike Ruiz/UPN ©2005 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.[ANTM]_Ebony04-0 [ANTM]_Ebony05_(Craig_de_Cristo) Ebony01 Ebony02 Ebony04 Ebony06 Ebony07 Ebony08 Ebony10 Ebony11 Ebony13 Ebony14 Ebony15 Ebony16 Ebony17 Ebony19 Ebony21 Ebony24 Ebony27 Ebony30 Ebony32 Ebony35 Ebony38 Ebony40 Ebony42 Ebony45 Ebony46 Ebony54 Ebony55 Ebony66 Ebony69 Ebony73 Ebony74 Ebony77 Ebony78 Ebony79 Ebony84 Ebony85 Ebony86 Ebony102 Ebony103 Ebony107 Ebony116 Malibu_Local_Apparel_01 Ventura_County_Star_01 Ventura_County_Star_02


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