Cassandra Whitehead

[ANTM]_Cassandra01-0 [ANTM]_Cassandra02

"The Girls Become Superheroes"--Cassandra, Student; age 19 of Houston, "flies" from a wire during a photo shoot in AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL on UPN. Gallery Photo: Mike Ruiz/UPN ©2005 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.[ANTM]_Cassandra04-0 [ANTM]_Cassandra05_(Craig_de_Cristo) [Ripe_TV]_Cassandra07 [Ripe_TV]_Cassandra09 5BTrunkt5D_Cassandra01_28David_Heisler29 5BTrunkt5D_Cassandra02_28David_Heisler29 5BTrunkt5D_Cassandra03_28David_Heisler29 5BTrunkt5D_Cassandra04_28David_Heisler29 Cas_28829 Cassandra01-0 Cassandra10


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