Ann Markley

GALLERY--Ann, pharmacy technician; age 21 of Erie, Pa., is a participant in AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL on UPN.  Photo:  Daniel Garriga/CBS.  ©2004 CBS Broadcasting Inc.  All Rights Reserved.Image #: 865334    Ann, a 21 year-old student from Erie, PA, models a swim suit on volcanic rock in Jamaica during an episode of the UPN reality television series "America's Next Top Model."    UPN /LandovImage #: 891630    Ann, a 21 year-old student from Erie, PA, is photographed by Troy Word after her dramatic makeover on an episode of the reality television series "America's Next Top Model."       UPN  /Landov













"The Girl Who Forgot Her Shoes" Ann, student; age 21 of Erie, Pa., poses in an alter-ego photo shoot in AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL on UPN.  Photo:  Davide Cernuschi/UPN.  All Rights Reserved

































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[Cover]_Ann01_(Nigel_Barker) [Cover]_Ann02_(Nigel_Barker) [Eyecare_Business]_Ann02_(Peter_Baker) [Fashion_Washington]_Ann01 [Fashion_Washington]_Ann02 [Fashion_Washington]_Ann03 [Fashion_Washington]_Ann04 [First]_Ann02 [Gioia]_Ann01 [Glamour_Italia]_Ann01 [Glamour_Italia]_Ann03 [Health]_Ann01 [Manhattan_Bride]_Ann01_(Rick_Bard) [Manhattan_Bride]_Ann02_(Rick_Bard) [Marie_Claire]_Ann01 [Philadelphia_Style]_Ann01 [Shape]_Ann01_(Chris_Fanning) [Shape]_Ann02_(Chris_Fanning) [Shape]_Ann03_(Chris_Fanning) [Shape]_Ann04_(Chris_Fanning) [Trump_International_Hotel___Tower_Dubai]_Ann03_(Matthew_Barnes) 01_Charleston_Magazine2C_September_2012 01_Oprah_Magazine_South_Africa2C_November_2013-0 01_Women_s_Health_Magazine2C_May_2013 02_Charleston_Magazine2C_September_2012 2-7 03_Charleston_Magazine2C_September_2012 3-2 04_Charleston_Magazine2C_September_2012 05_Charleston_Magazine2C_September_2012 05_Women_s_Health_Magazine2C_May_2013 5-1 5BShape5D_Ann01_28Chris_Fanning29 5BShape5D_Ann02_28Chris_Fanning29 5BShape5D_Ann05_28Chris_Fanning29 5BThe_Oprah5D_Ann01_28Gentl___Hyers29 5BThe_Oprah5D_Ann02_28Gentl___Hyers29 06_Charleston_Magazine2C_September_2012 07_Charleston_Magazine2C_September_2012 7-0 08_Charleston_Magazine2C_September_2012 8-0 09_Charleston_Magazine2C_September_2012 9-0 9e7f14d7e1dd01a5e1b5d1840229c638 148994_10151420704452442_678624801_n Ann_33 Ann_226 Ann_233 Ann_234 Ann_235 Ann_267 Ann_269 Ann_271 Ann_272 Ann_280 Ann_283 Ann_Clairol_Nice__n_Easy_Root_Touch-up_01 Ann01 Ann02 Ann03 Ann05 Ann08 Ann12 Ann13 Ann14 Ann15 Ann16 Ann18 Ann25 Ann26 Ann27 Ann30 Ann34 Ann35 Ann37 Ann49 Ann50 Ann51 Ann68 Ann73 Ann74 Ann75 Ann261 Ann269 Ann270 Ann282 Ann298 Ann300 Ann301 Ann313 Ann315 Ann315-0 Ann316 Ann318 Ann321 Ann322 Ann324 Ann326 Ann333 Ann334 Ann335 Ann339 Annalaina_Marks_02 Burt_s_Bees_01 Drea_Cunningham_03 Drea_Cunningham_04 Drea_Cunningham_06 Drea_Cunningham_08 Drea_Cunningham_09 Drea_Cunningham_10 Drea_Cunningham_12 Drea_Cunningham_18 Jay_Manuel_Beauty_01 Jay_Manuel_Beauty_02








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